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Set Yourself Free

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Buttercup: The Butterfly The Would Not Fly tells a tale of a butterfly that thought because he was different, he couldn’t be among others, do the things that they did, and do what he was born to do.... fly!

Buttercup would soon realize that your difference makes you who you are, "an original". Also, discovering your purpose makes your life make perfect sense.

We are all different, from different parts of the world, from different backgrounds, age groups and sex, but what matters is our ability to find our purpose, believe in it and become who we ought to be because this positively affects our heart and our lives and makes us happy and truly live!

On the journey to finding and fulfilling purpose, there are certain people that help to steer us in the right direction. A “teacher” is such a person who can see the things that are in our hearts and give us the little nudge that we all sometimes need to get things started in discovering our purpose. Teachers and guardians play a huge role, especially in times when we are unable to see, trust, and believe in ourselves, their purpose is to help us see and believe that there is something special inside all of us that is ready to come out when we are ready to let it out.

Buttercup was not able to see the full picture or understand right away that his difference gave him an edge to stand out and not be intimidated or feel insecure about himself. The things in our lives that make us feel insecure or lack confidence, are the things that we ought to embrace and be proud of.

A lot of people tend to suffer from letting their insecurities get the best of them and accepting the negative perception of themselves being projected by others or accepting things for how they are and not how they can be. Reaching out or talking them through it, through acts of kindness and showing empathy would always play a major role in helping others overcome their insecurities.

Like Buttercup, most of us suffer from one thing or the other that makes us scared of truly embracing our whole being. Most times we need someone that will talk us through, preferably someone who has had similar experiences to tell us what to do or show us how to be our authentic selves and understand that finding your purpose, liberates your heart and your life.

When you find out whom you truly are, people begin to see you in a different light and are drawn to want to know more of who you are and how special you really are. Refusing to discover and live out your purpose makes it difficult for others to know you and what you can really do.

So, be like Buttercup and let yourself soar and be who you are meant to be and believe that no matter what, you are special, and no one is going to take that away from you!

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