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Believing in yourself and being courageous is all it takes to fulfill your purpose.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

When it comes to fulfilling purpose, nothing is more important than believing in oneself and being courageous. In fact, if we want to be successful in fulfilling our purpose, self-belief is more important than intelligence, talent, background, or just about anything else. In addition to this, people who have self-courage and believe in themselves are healthier, happier, have better relationships, and are more motivated and resilient.

Many factors affect our self-confidence, including our parents, our upbringing, our environment, our unique difference, inabilities, ineffectiveness which seemingly differentiates us from others makes many to be depressed.

Many knowledgebase people did not achieve success in life but there are many instances that many unintelligent people got success in life. It was not their intelligence that led them tosuccess. Believing in their abilities was what made them achieve all that they ever wanted in life.

So, what are the snippets to believe in oneself and build self-courage? Knowing this, will affect almost every area of our lives, including how we act, feel and think.

How to believe in yourself and build courage

Accepting Who You Are

This is an easy self-esteem and courage-building process that will take nothing less than a minute to perform each day; it is based on renowned behavioral principles. The first is called the "facial feedback hypothesis," which simply means if you try to smile you will become emotionally influenced by this physical action. Therefore, by smiling intentionally you will begin to experience the positive feelings which are associated with facial movement. Practicing self-acceptance helps you to realize your qualities, both bad and good, and it eases feelings of guilt and unhappiness. Self-acceptance prompts understanding and acknowledging your character traits and habits, which will hinder you from comparing yourself with others.

Choose to be love yourself. Accept that your distinct difference has led you to this point and will carry you to your goals as you work towards them. This resolution alters your existingmindset and this positive alteration makes your mind clearer and focused thereby, you stop worrying about who you should be. You will see the world just the way it is.

I dare you to look into a mirror and speak these words, “I like myself; I cherish myself; I am wonderfully made, I love me” over and over again without smiling. I am so certain that you cannot utter that expression more than five or six times before you begin to smile or laugh. Yes, such a quick, easy, repetitive exercise will elevate your self-esteem.

Surround Yourself with Positive Minded People

Surround yourself with only those people who are supportive of you, people who give you positive energy. Desert yourself from those who contaminate your positive energy by feeding you negativity or who destroy you emotionally. This should be one of your priority which is to only surround yourself with those who give you love, warmth, care, and support.”

Those with whom you regularly associate are an essential part of building your courage, as well as maintaining a rock-solid, barrier to subsequent attacks against your confidence. Surround yourself with people who have positive energy and a supportive effect on your well-being.

Seek for Competence

Competence can include the knowledge and skills needed to solve a problem. Or, it can comprise the much larger and more diverse clusters of skills, or competencies, needed to be able to lead. Constant learning is the effort required to improve your skills, thereby improving your skills and competencies. The act of learning helps to build confidence. Constant repetitive practice improves your confidence level (Karen Jones, 2019).

Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Another method to improve our self-confidence is to finding and fulfilling our purpose, things we are meant to do and become and this can be known by engaging in activities that we enjoy, are good at, and the ones we pick more interest in. The effect of making us feel proficient at something and helping us become more confident in our abilities when we do things that we enjoy is soothing, this reminds us that we can apply that same mentality to other aspects of our lives and build our confidence.

In Conclusion

Do not accept everyday, mundane. You can do anything you set your mind to do in this life. So far it is in your mind, it will surely be in your hand. So, live to your optimum.

If things are hard, then you have to work just as hard or even more to obtain it, I am so certain that it will be worth it before the end of the day. Step into the unknown and embrace it, and continuously work at improving yourself in any way you can. We can do almost everything in this world, therefore; we should embrace this gift we have.

Our mindset controls our results – if our mindset is not tuned to something, we will never act upon it. We can have the ability to do many great things but if we don't have the right energy by putting our mind to it then it is all for nothing. Beliefs should not only be held on to when one is at the topof our game, but also when it seems you are at the bottom of it.

Do not worry about the embarrassment it will cause you in front of many; do not worry about the failure to come it may come, but you will surely overcome it. It is just a journey on the way to your future success. If by the fear of failure, you refuse to do anything, then, you will have failed at life itself.

Do not doubt in your mind that you can achieve anything by working on all of your weaknesses. Put away any thoughts or limitations and believe in yourself thereby you will achieve anything you desire. Purchase Buttercup by adding it to your cart on Amazon today for a very interesting and transformative experience.

Change your story by following the process of change as revealed in Buttercup.

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